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The main strategy of the company is developed through the needs of the main customers, so a customer-oriented culture is implemented at different levels of the corporation in order to know their needs at all times and be able to act on them.


From Bafre we intend to offer efficient and high quality services. For Bafre, customers are the most important thing, therefore, the loyalty of these is sought and that they are known for good service, achieving a great creation of value over time.


It is very important to have the value of responsibility. From Bafre it is about offering the best service through a commitment to customers, making us responsible for the purchase or sale of their home and offering that security to them.


With this concept, the company tries to demonstrate communication and transparency, which serves to strengthen the relationship and the commercial link with customers. It is a way of transmitting confidence, being able to comply with what was agreed in an appropriate time and form and in the most appropriate way possible.


One of the most important values of real estate is quality. It is about knowing and studying what is the opinion of all customers about our work, in order to improve in those sections that need it.


One of the bases of the real estate is to work in commitment and collaboration among all, create a team and unite when it comes to offering an effective service.