Visiting the Daycare Before You Move

Joining kindergarten/daycare is a very important step for both the child and his parents when moving from state to state. But, although it is not obvious, visiting the school before the start of the school year can greatly help the whole family to get acquainted with the school, the teachers, and the other students.

Why Visit The School Before The Start Of The School Year?

Several Childcare in San Diego CA organize visits for parents and their children well in advance of the start of the school year. Visiting the premises can alleviate parents’ concerns and psychologically prepare the child to enter a still-unknown territory. Thus, young students have the opportunity to discover the different rooms, corridors, and playgrounds, but also to meet the teacher who will accompany them throughout the year. In turn, parents will have the opportunity to meet the kindergarten staff, ask them questions and let them know about their children’s needs.

What Are The Stages Of The Visit?

Children are invited to go tour around the school and then go to class. Accompanied by a teacher, they will be brought to do some activities together. This first little experience is crucial for them and must go well. The teacher will therefore make sure to organize some craft or drawing workshops and will invite young children to interact together, the opportunity for him to observe them well and take notes about their behavior in a group. Learning while having fun is the message that will have to be conveyed to children. Reading a story, talking about it together, and trying to guess its outcome is the perfect example.

What Questions Are Asked Of The School Staff?

During the meeting between parents and kindergarten staff, a mutual exchange is expected. The principal presents the school and its rules:

  • How does a typical day in kindergarten go?
  • Class Schedule
  • School supplies to bring,
  • How to dress your child (clothes and accessories to avoid),
  • Introduction to apprenticeship programs,
  • Presentation of school activities and educational outings,
  • Explanations about meals, snacks and the canteen,
  • Presentation of the school transportation service and the school’s daycare service.

A document is usually distributed during the meeting and summarizes everything you need to know about kindergarten. Here is an example Introduction Video For Preschoolers in San Diego from our friends at The Vine Learning Center.

Parents should also take this opportunity to ask the questions that interest them and even make remarks on certain aspects that they did not like. Here is a list of the most relevant questions to ask at the first meeting.

  • Does the school offer a period of gradual adaptation to students, especially those who have difficulty separating from their parents?
  • What is the kindergarten staff made of? What are the skills of teachers and are there psychologists or speech therapists for children with difficulty?
  • Does the school offer extra-curricular activities: music, sports, etc.?
  • Does the school take into account the special food needs of the children (taste, allergies, etc.)?
  • How many students in the classes are and what is the school’s philosophy regarding discipline and punishment?
  • Are there any additional charges to pay for school trips and additional activities?

In most cases, a form must be completed by the parents. It contains all the data that the school needs to know about the enrolled child.

It is also important to make an appointment with the director if the child has special needs that must be discussed in private: physical disability, anxiety problems, a special family situation, learning difficulties, etc.

The Gradual Return To School

Some children require a longer adjustment time than others. As a result, the gradual return to school may represent the best option for them. However, parents must find out if the nursery school offers precisely this kind of back-to-school. Always find the top-rated daycares in Southern California that will be suitable for your child’s proper schooling.