Is it Mandatory to Have Home Insurance?

In Texas,there is no obligation to take out home insurance except for mortgaged flats, in which case the bank with which we sign the mortgage will request, at least, the hiring of insurance that protects the  continent, that is, the home itself. In this way, in case of loss the bank will recover the cost of the property.

However, not having house insurance can be much more expensive, since any slight incident in our house, such as a leak, can cost about 300 euros, whilethe average fee for this type of policy is around 200 euros. If we take into account that each year the claims declared to house insurance amount to five million, the risk of suffering some type of incident is high.

The most common losses are water damage, such as leaks and flooding. Robberies and fires, although they are not among the incidents that are most commonly claimed in house insurance, are the most expensive for companies.

New technologies, the greater responsibility of the administrator or regulatory changes give increasing meaning to the sum of efforts or concentration of activity, as in other sectors, to promote competitiveness.

Verdict: Sould I take home insurance?

Most homes in our country have taken out insurance (76% at the end of 2014) to protect their home and assets. It is, therefore, a very widespread insurance mainly due to its link with mortgages, although it is recommended that all households have one of these insurances whether or not they are linked to a mortgage loan.